A de B

Who’s it for: A de B is for anyone who is shopping and does not mind making some extra pocket money by dropping off some packages during transit. This app is also directed towards people who have other priorities over shopping and would rather purchase their packages via mobile or web.

The problem it solves: Sometimes, people don't have time or are unavailable to leave a location for the purpose of shopping. In addition, people have the opportunity to earn some extra pocket money at a nominal expense.

Key features: A de B is crowd based, thus removing the need for professional couriers; it's just good ol' you and me. This app resembles “Uber” except that it delivers everything but people. The cost for delivery is variable depending on distance, demand, time, package weight and size.

Business model: We provide the market place for transactions and the price fixing, and we generate revenue through advertisement and a commission.

Advantage over other services: Strategic alliances with other retailers leads to increased integration in which store employees will prepare the package and the only thing the designated courier has to do is sign off. You can actually make money, unlike other food transportation services in which you must exclusively pay for these delivery services. Here, you can earn money by just dropping off some packages after shopping. A de B is especially unique in that it is the only crowd based goods transportation service so far.

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