This is a simple web app that I made, that I'd like to implement in my school. In class, we don't have time to cover everyone's questions, but some people may have the same one. Similar to websites like Reddit, I made a demo of a site where students can post questions for a class, like AP Biology. Other students can then up or downvote the questions, and the teacher can answer the highest ranked ones, and then delete them. There is also a section for important, upcoming dates for that class. In the future, we can add more features, like a full calendar, a list of topics in general that students can vote on the difficulty of, so teachers know what to focus on. Eventually, I'd like to expand this to a full forum, where students can login with their school Google account, and post, and talk to others, so everyone can have access to the questions and their answers, so teachers/staff aren't constantly bombarded by the same questions.

Try it out